What happens in a session with Louise?

A session usually starts with questions you have in the areas of your life that you want to work on.  It helps if you have a list of areas or challenges that you want to tackle.  Some people come to a session for specific issues in their life, whether it be money, illness, relationship struggles, weight issues, or something else.  Sometimes it’s just to make sure your health and wellness is maintained.  From there, Louise is directed by Spirit to areas on her charts where there is something to clear.  The root causes may lie in your childhood, past lives, spiritual lives, or at the point that your spirit was created.  Most times these are things you already know are blocking your progress, enlightenment, or success. Often an issue can be cleared in its entirety, but there certainly are times when complicated issues require multiple sessions. There is no way to tell how many sessions an issue will take, as every person is different. Clients are able to ask questions about the process or comment at any point during the session.
It is important to note that the session is solely for you.  If you wish to ask questions about or have someone else cleared, that is a separate session, of which she discourages people from listening in on solely for confidentiality reasons.  It is also frowned upon to use intuitive ability for voyeuristic reasons, meaning just to know or spy on someone else’s life.  Young children would be an exception to the rule, so parents can ask questions or have their children cleared and be a witness to the session.

Before the session

It does help to come with a list of things you would like to take care of such as illnesses, issues, challenges, anything going on in your life that you would like to be free of. 

After your session, it is important to stay clear of negativity, either in the form of people or situations as they may trigger new programs and new subconscious energies that can block you from moving forward.

What can I expect to happen after my session

During and after the session you may feel a bit of light-headedness or body temperature changes.  Some clients also feel other types of “adjustments,” whether it be in their stomach, muscles, or just their mind or attitude.  Most times people feel lighter immediately or within a few minutes to a few hours.  However, everyone is different and it is difficult to determine your reaction ahead of time.  Give yourself 10 minutes to allow yourself to ground and reintegrate before driving.  Full integration of the session into your mind and body can take anywhere from immediately to two weeks.

What is remote clearing?

You can be anywhere in the world to receive a healing and clearing. Spirit is everywhere at once. Spirit does all the clearing work with the help of both of your High Self. Louise is simply the person to ask questions and facilitate the session.  She makes the request to clear you of any programs, limiting beliefs, root causes of illnesses, or other problems. The healing can be done whether you are a witness to it or not.  Therefore, if you are unable to be on the phone or be in person, a session can still be done.